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Eldora Lashes

Real Results For False Lashes Brand Using Google Ads

Beauty retailer Eldora sell their own large range of false lashes online. They operate in a market that attracts high search volumes, but is at the same time highly competitive and dominated by big brands and retailers like ASOS.

The Challenge

Google Ads PPC was not running well for Eldora when we started working with them. Their campaign was generating a CTR of just 0.47% which clearly indicated a problem. After a full campaign audit, we decided to start again from scratch.

What We Did

Campaign settings were fully optimised and the new campaign was organised into several different adGroups and we undertook keyword research and competitor analysis as part of the process. We created multiple ad variants in each adGroup, made improvements to landing pages on the website and set up all appropriate extensions which we applied to each individual adGroup for maximum relevance. 

We added new keywords and variants, varied keyword matching types and double checked to ensure conversion tracking was working correctly.

What Happened

During the first few weeks, the new campaign obtained a CTR of 2.33% compared to the previous campaign CTR of 0.47%. With ongoing campaign optimisation, we very quickly got the CTR up to a much more respectable 6.64%.

By the third month of work, we had the conversion rate up to 10.43% from a starting position of 0.40%.

As well as much better CTRs, we also saw a vast increase in conversions and importantly for the client, we were able to make a huge reduction to click costs, with the average cost per click brought down from £1.36 to just £0.36.

The Results
Rise in Click Through Rate
Up from 2.33% to 8.89%
Rise in Conversions
Up from 0.40% to 10.43%
Reduction in Average Cost Per Click
Down from £1.36 to just £0.36
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