Team Surefire

Dan Lindop
Managing Director
Andy Johnston
Technical Director
Shell Robshaw Bryan
Marketing Lead
Stew Dellow
Web Developer

This Is How We Do It

Creating great eCommerce experiences means working together as a team but also collaborating with our clients too. Here are our guiding principles that keep us on track.

Eyes On The Prize

Everything we do for our clients is aligned with their business goals. We're commercially aware and this is demonstrated in the results we achieve.

Let's Make It Better

We want to be better than the competition. We want better results. We want the site to be better to use for your customers. This is how we approach every project.

Experts Only

Everyone who works at Surefire is an experienced digital professional who's an expert in their field. We know our stuff.

Creative & Crafted

We're great with the big ideas and the small details. We bring creativity and fresh eyes to each project and we understand that good design is in the detail.

Always Learning

The Digital World moves fast and it's easy to get left behind if you're not careful. We've always got an eye on the future and are keen to bring the latest ideas and techniques into our work.

Want To Work With Us?

We believe in making things better. We can do it for you.