Advanced Shopify Theme Customisation

Dr Fertility

A Customised Shopify Theme For The Fertility Experts

Dr Fertility’s mission is to support anyone who wants to get pregnant by providing fertility education, guidance and products. Working with leading experts, they have also developed fertility education and health awareness campaigns.

They had launched the original site using an off-the-shelf Shopify theme which had served them well, but it was now time to move the site to the next level. We were asked to give the site a visual overhaul, improve the organisation of the educational content, and to improve the customer experience.

What We Did

Shopify Theme Customisation
Planning & Consultancy
Bespoke Product Page
Visual Branding

Dr Fertility Homepage

Visual Style

One of the first tasks we undertook was to look at the visual style of the site. We worked with the Dr Fertility team to create a fresh new colour palette that would appeal to both men and women. We coupled this with a new photography treatment that could be used with both product photos and for promotional imagery. The result takes what can be quite a sensitive subject and makes it more approachable and engaging.

The Fertility Hub

As well as selling fertility products, one of the main aims of Dr Fertility is to provide men and women with the latest information about fertility and pregnancy. They had an archive of quality content which needed to be presented in an easy to browse area of the site. We customised Shopify’s blog tools to create ‘The Fertility Hub’ area of the site which allows for easy expansion as new content is added.

Custom Product Page

The Boost theme we used as a starting point for the new site was chosen for its visual style and range of customisation options. The one area where it didn’t match our requirements properly though was the product page template. Due to the medical nature of the product range, we needed to display a lot of data about each product. This included information about how to take or use it, any drawbacks of the product and video content too.

To allow us to display this amount of content in a format that could be easily read, we created a custom accordion display to break the information down into simply digested chunks. We managed to do this using only Shopify’s main description field, thanks to some clever processing done behind the scenes. This means adding new products and maintaining existing ones was kept as simple as possible.

Mobile Focus

The site receives a high proportion of traffic (about 70% of visitors) from mobile devices. This meant that we needed to ensure any updates and new pages we created worked well on smaller screens. The product page we created is a good example of this – the tabs were designed for mobile first of all, then we looked at how best to implement these on bigger screens such as desktop computers.

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