Google Ads Training

Introduction To Google Ads Training

Our Introduction to Google Ads training session teaches you how to set up and optimise text ads on the Google Search Network. We’ll show you how to improve your ROI, manage your campaigns effectively and get the most out of your advertising budget.

What We’ll Cover

  • Campaign and AdGroup set up as well as campaign setting optimisation
  • Hidden and default settings to be aware of
  • Setting up extensions and why they matter
  • Best practice for creating Ads, tips and tactics that work
  • Keyword matching types & negative keywords
  • The importance of Quality Score and what influences it
  • A/B testing of your ads and creating multiple ad variants
  • Why you should never allow Google to create automated ads
  • Why you should beware of taking ‘expert’ advice direct from Google
  • Reviewing campaign performance and on-going management
  • Conversion tracking and measuring the success of your Google Ads campaigns
Learn From A Google Ads Expert

Our Google Ads Certified trainer will take you through the platform step by step, helping you to understand the main features and options available to advertisers. Learn what aspects to focus on inside the dashboard, and how to utilise features like site extensions.

One-to-one or Small Groups

Our sessions are designed to be one to one or for small groups of up to 4 people so you get plenty of individual attention and opportunity to ask questions. Smaller groups work better for learning and encourage people to get involved. A session takes 3 – 4 hours and can be done in a morning or an afternoon at our office or a venue of your choice.

Track Your Performance

Let’s face it. Setting up a Google AdWords campaign isn’t difficult, but getting a decent return can be. We’ll show you the metrics you need to keep an eye on, and how to make the changes that will help you to improve the important things like conversions and click through rate.

Hands On Sessions

At the end of the session we can get hands on, logging into your Google Ads account to help you action some of the things you’ve learned. We can go through the ad set up process step by step, giving you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Google Ads interface.

Learn Advanced Features

We’ll show you how to use some advanced features like sitelink extensions, negative keywords and keyword matching type options. Understanding some of the less well-known features and options available to advertisers will give you the advantage over your competitors.

Refreshingly Jargon Free

Don’t know your CTR from your QS? All key terms are explained in detail, so even if you’ve never used Google Ads before, you won’t be left scratching your head. From setting up a campaign through to monitoring results, you’ll benefit from our relaxed one-on-one training style.

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