Digital Marketing Cheshire

Marketing Packages

Every business is unique with its own specific goals and target audience for its products or services. As such, we’ll work with you to put together a bespoke marketing package that’s aligned with your goals and your customers needs.

Your Outsourced Marketing Team

We work closely in collaboration with our clients, so think of us as your outsourced marketing team. When you work with us you get access to experts in SEO, paid search, content writing, social media and email marketing all for a single monthly fee.

Simple Pricing

We use a simple pricing model that’s easy to understand and allows for accurate budgeting. We simply charge you for an agreed number of hours work each month. You’re then free to use this time on whatever marketing activities you choose. We don’t charge separate fees for SEO, paid search, and social media – it’s all wrapped up in your agreed monthly price.

Bespoke, Not Boxed

Every client is different and has their own challenges, so we understand that what works for one client might not work for another. Following an initial discovery session, we’ll put together a tailor-made plan just for you, and your audience. We’ll adapt techniques and our methods to match your goals, and whilst we have solid working processes in place, we’re not slaves to them.

Targeted & Tracked

When performing and type of marketing activity, it’s essential that the results and outcomes are tracked and accurately measured. Otherwise, how do you know what’s working well, and where your budget could be spent more wisely? We’ll help you to define and measure the metrics and KPIs that matter to your business. These might include your rankings in Google, the number of visitors to your website, or how many sales are generated by a campaign.

Monthly Reports

At the end of each monthly period, we’ll put together a marketing report detailing the work that’s been done for you, and the results. Your KPIs will be illustrated and tracked so that you can see the impact of the marketing activities being done. These monthly reports also help us to spot areas for improvement and to identify which activities are most effective.

Let’s Keep Talking

Good communication between us and our clients is really important for optimum results. We will always be available on the phone to talk during business hours, and we respond to emails in a timely manner. We also like to schedule in regular update calls so that we can discuss plans, ideas and results with you.

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