11 Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Using all the channels available to you is a smart move when it comes to marketing. Here we show you how to make the most of email marketing.

Shell Robshaw Bryan
by Shell Robshaw Bryan
Posted in Marketing on June 2nd, 2013

Email marketing is often overlooked by businesses, but used correctly it can provide a return on investment that is far higher than other marketing activities. Here are 10 reasons why you should be using it.

  1. Email marketing is cheaper than producing and distributing a traditional print catalogue, brochure or flyer.
  2. It has a comparatively high CTR (Click Through Rate) compared to other forms of digital marketing, like banner advertising and PPC.
  3. Email messages can be personalised for greater impact. For example, adding a recipient’s name to the email will likely result in more opens.
  4. Use of data segmentation techniques improves the effectiveness of campaigns as your messaging can be very tightly targeted.
  5. Split testing and analytics enable you to clearly see what type of messaging works best and will even reveal the best day and time to send messages out.
  6. It is easy to track ROI. You can see how many people read the email, click through to your website and, with Google Analytics goals and campaign tracking, you can even see how many enquiries or sales your email generates.
  7. It is quick and easy to create and send out emails, making them both flexible and cost effective.
  8. Email marketing drives sales and enquiries and will actively impact on your bottom line.
  9. Regular contact with your customers keeps you in their mind and helps to promote repeat purchases and customer loyalty.
  10. Email marketing isn’t invasive as people have full control over the messages they receive and are able to unsubscribe should they wish to. This means that your subscribed recipients are receptive to your messaging.
  11. With no print lead times to worry about it’s easy to make sure that the information you send out via email is always up to date. The immediacy of email allows you to be highly reactive and agile in your communications.

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